• Close Any Time, Anywhere

    Did you know East Texas Title Companies offers secure no-contact closings, allowing you to close virtually, any time, from anywhere, 24/7? With our NotarizeOnline services, we offer Remote Online Notarization and Remote Ink-Signed Notarization for all our transactions – keeping you and your information safe and secure. Of course, if you prefer to do your closing the old-fashioned way, we also offer in-person closings in many of our counties.

  • Zoccam – Your Personal Courier

    98% of realtors tell us that delivering checks is the worst part of a real estate transaction. That’s why we use Zoccam! The Zoccam app allows realtors and buyers to submit option and earnest money checks virtually and delivers and instant verification of delivery. Zoccam saves you time, money and worry. It’s simple, safe, secure. It’s also free and easy! Download the Zoccam app today!

    Get Zoccam
  • Seamless Service

    Over 30% of all real estate transactions have some sort of title problem that must be resolved before closing? East Texas Title Companies has you covered! Every file is reviewed by an experienced attorney from our legal curative team. We address any title issues - such as liens, divorces, easements and probate – up front, accurately and efficiently…so your closing is not delayed.

  • Knowledge is Power!

    East Texas Title Companies offers both live and virtual continuing education classes for realtors, including Legal I & II. We also focus on topics affecting the real estate industry in our area, as well as legislative updates and any other relevant topics that you request.

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